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Hi, my name is Onyx. I been waiting for my new forever home for over a year. I’m a good kitty, I just need you to give me a chance to prove it. I am at “Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando” 2727 Conroy Road Orlando, FL 32839 (407) 351-7722  My adoption fee has been waived off until the end of the month. That means FREE!!!

Please share my info so I can find my home. Thank you. :)

AMAZING Un-likely friendships. I live to see this events


Somewhere in the wilderness of Northern Finland a male bear and female wolf strikes up an unlikely friendship, each evening after a hard-day’s hunting this pair could be seen sharing dinner together while enjoying the sunset. Between the hours of  8pm and 4am they would stay in each other’s company.

(photo: Lassi Rautiainen)

(Source: vmagazine)

This shouldn’t be the end for a 18 year old cat. Please help me find her a home. she deserves better than this. Please REBLOG, or share on your twitter or Facebook feed. she’s located in Orlando, FL USA.

Animal ID: A298888    Room No.: WCI01

Hi, my name is Princess. I am an approximately 18 year old choc pt female.  I am friendly and I weigh approximately 6 pounds. I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Wednesday, August 20, 2014. My due out date is Wednesday, August 27, 2014.

    • Find out more about our adoption process here.

    • Each animal may be available for adoption, pending acceptable temperament testing and a health screen.

  • If you are looking for your lost pet, please be sure to visit our shelter in person. We make every effort to post pictures as soon as the pet enters our shelter, yet this internet tool should not be a substitute for looking for your pet in person.

If you are looking for me, please come to Orange County Animal Services

2769 Conroy Rd., Orlando, FL. The phone number is (407)836-3111

Cat Mom and her 2 kittens need Help, and a miracle.

Please help me and share this cat momma and her 2 kittens. they are in a high kill shelter in Chicago ( Chicago Animal Care and Control- CACC ) Please REBLOG< retweet, or Share on your Facebook. Thank you. :)

Click link for Facebook post:

Guera - ID #A115337 Female/2 years
Angel - ID #A115338 Male/3 mo (Org/White)
Storm - ID #A115339 Female/3 mo (blk tabby)
Owner Surrenders
Intake: 8/16
Out Date: 8/16

This little family is quietly waiting to be noticed. They all look a little dazed and confused by their current circumstances, don’t they? Guera (mom?) and the kittens are all sweet and adorable and deserve to know the good life. Rescues, please come get them while they are still looking good. 

WANT TO FOSTER? The cats featured on this page are NOT available for direct adoption at Chicago Animal Care & Control and are for rescue only. If you are interested in adopting a cat featured on the page, please reach out to one of our approved Homeward Bound partners and apply to foster or foster to adopt. If you can’t foster or adopt, please share & pledge for their care. A list of the groups that participate in the rescue program can be found here:

FIRM HOLDS & RESCUE INTEREST HOLDS: You may email CACC directly to request a hold. There is a 5-day “Rescue Interest” hold and a 3-day firm/purple hold. With a rescue interest hold, the cat will not be considered for euthanasia unless it becomes very ill, and any rescue can take it, not just the one that placed the hold. A firm/purple hold means a rescue is committed to that cat, no other rescue can take it, and it won’t be euthanized.

HOMEWARD BOUND-APPROVED RESCUES REQUESTING FIRM HOLDS: Please send hold requests to and “cc” the transfer team at The subject line of your hold request email should be formatted as follows: “Hold request for cat [Name] ID [A0xxxxx]”. Please state when you will pick up the cat(s) and the name of the transporter. You will receive a confirmation email from CACC staff. The CACC email account will be checked at least twice a day every day 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

CACC Hours for Rescue are:
9am - 11am transfer ONLY
11am - 6pm look around and transfer
6pm - 7pm transfer ONLY
All paperwork MUST be completed by 7pm.

With prior arrangement with CACC, cats with firm/purple holds can be picked up earlier or later, but you will only be allowed to take the cat(s) you have on hold. You will NOT be able to view all of the cats in the pavilions.

If your rescue is not yet Homeward Bound-approved, please visit this link to learn more about the program and obtain an application:

This is Sabrina. this is what she thinks about being at the shelter this long.

Hey Guys, please share her profile so she finally can go to her forever home. re-blog, share on FB, or twitter. Thank you.

This is what Sabrina thinks of having to be at adoptions! Come meet this VERY expressive girl and save her from having to come back! 

When: Saturday and Sunday 12n - 3:30p
Where: Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies
11055 Pico Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90064

1 Block East of Sepulveda 
There is a big Cat and Kitten Adoptions Sign in front of the store

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